Are you doing "all-the-things" but still not getting what you want? 😕
I don’t care how much time effort and energy you put into it, trying to make it work does not and will never make it work.
All you are doing is committing yourself to struggle.
🤨 Scarcity.
😩 Hardship.
😨 And fear.
And you SAY you believe you can have it, but if you do not have it, you are blocked.

What if you could remove the blocks?
With The Ultimate Manifesting Bootcamp, you CAN! 
Life purpose
People spend years… decades even, thinking they are so close to having what they want only to be let down over and over again…
And THEN they see “the lucky ones” getting what they can’t seem to get… and easily…

📌 Justifying it with the thought, well ‘those’ people aren’t really happy anyways… it’s social media… you can’t really trust it…
📌 Justifying that it’s OKAY they don’t have what their heart and soul is longing for…
📌 Justifying that they ‘don’t really want it anyway’
📌 justifying it because they are ‘super picky and don’t want to put up with the bullshit’ -SCARCITY MINDSET.
📌 justifying it because ‘when it’s time, it’ll happen.


📌 Justifying it… (here we go people) because they are already married and they cannot change the other person. ALSO A SCARCITY, VICTIM MINDSET.


Otherwise, you get the same patterns that you’ve always gotten. 🤷‍♀️

And all these beliefs you have… heart-wrenching. 
The Notebook, heart-wrenching. 🥺
Just believing these are causing you so much pain. 😓
I know. 😉
I was that girl. 🤫
I believed all of these things because they were true. They happened to me. 😕
But I made a choice to
May 31, 2019…
The house was silent as I was wondering why I couldn’t have what I wanted.
I wanted him, yes. But really I wanted that feeling - that feeling that you get when he wraps you and kisses you and then your legs totally give out and he has to hold you up.
 That’s what I wanted.
And so I decided that I HAD to believe in love.
If I want what I say I want, then I HAVE to believe… and I FORCED myself to believe.
And the doubts tried to come in and I stopped them mid-sentence.
And there was this thought…
Is this the same as when I was a little girl wishing so hard to be a mermaid and it never happened? Is this the same?
Didn’t matter.
I decided and three days later he told me he wanted to marry me and spend the rest of his life with me. ❤️

He thought no one would ever want to be with him. He had given up all hope but is now engaged! 

Andy was overweight and miserable. His ex girlfriend had dumped him and he had given up all hope of ever finding love. 

He didn't think he could attract his soulmate. 

We worked together to build his confidence and he lost 65lbs in a few months, got a promotion and found the woman of his dreams and asked her to marry him! 

They are happy and about to be married! 

Rachel had been in an off and on relationship for 14 years

She had been off an on in a relationship with her man for 14 years. When she joined my program, she was done with the back and forth,
Done with the uncertainty,
And DONE with being alone.
She joined my manifestation course and worked with me privately and within a month, he showed up for her saying that ‘she’s the one’ and that he wants to spend his life with her!
They are now planning their future together and she's so happy to finally know he's her Future Husband!

Sydney came to me right when her relationship was in crisis

She didn’t know if she should stay or go. She was devastated. 

She thought there was no way to work something like this out, but she also knew he was her soulmate.

She thought the problem was him, but the real problem was that this was a pattern for her that she picked up from watching her parents. So this was a generational problem! and she was just recreating this in all of her relationships.

We worked together privately to reprogram her relationship patterns and figure out what was truly right for her.

And she knew she had worked through her relationship patterns and she KNEW her relationship was going to work and she decided to stay with him and within a few months they were engaged! And they are getting married in a couple of months!

Kayla attracted men that would always take advantage of her

Kayla had a few beliefs that needed to shift before she could manifest her soulmate. 

But the biggest one was that men took advantage of her and she had to give too much of herself in the relationship to get what she wanted. She was exhausted from these relationships.

We went through and shifted her beliefs on relationships and what she was worthy of and everything changed for her. She started attracting men and one of them was her soulmate. 

He showed up for her asking to meet her family and claiming her as his own.

Nadia came to me on the verge of divorce...THIS saved her marriage!

Nadia came to me on the verge of divorce. 

Actually she had been talking to divorce lawyers for 4 years. Her marriage wasn’t working.

We worked together to create a soul-led life, putting herself first and following her heart and everything changed for her. She was able to fall deeply in love with herself and her relationship with her husband radically changed. He showed up for her more loving and emotionally available than ever before.

They are happily married and she is no longer seeking a divorce.

I was thinking of what could I do or what could I offer that will help more people and really help them to grasp how they can get control over their lives and what they want? And how could I do this in a way that I can really connect with them and hear what’s really going on for them?

And so I created an amazing 6-Week manifestation bootcamp with weekly modules where I really dig into the ‘how’s’ of manifesting. I’ve taken what I've learned and teach it to you in a way that is logical, easy to apply, and transforms not only the way you think about your life, your relationship and money, but also allows you to start manifesting these things in a powerful way.

Now I know that you’ve heard my story about how I manifested my future husband with one line in my journal last year, but…

maybe that still sounds impossible ‘for you’
or maybe ‘you’ve tried that’
or maybe you feel like ‘it’s not working’

Here’s the thing.

I’m a very logical person and it took a long time for me to understand manifesting - in fact, I didn’t ‘get it’ until I lived it.
So I know how to take something like manifesting and break it down into understandable bits and pieces.

Who is this for?

Overachievers...If you find yourself relentlessly going after your goals... but maybe you aren't making the progress you know you could be making...

Those who are looking for the edge, not a shortcut quick fix...

Those who know that it takes work, but know there HAS to be an easier way...

Those who are putting in the work, but still not getting what they want...

Those who want to be SOUL-LED and happy more than anything else...

The relentless...

If there is an area of your life that you still struggle with... money, relationships, your purpose, your business...
If you want to know how to manifest your soulmate...
If you want to know how to manifest money...
If you want to know how to manifest time...

How is this going to work?

You will have 6 modules over the course of 6 weeks. You will get these through your portal.
You'll also have access to the 12 bonus Q&A sessions.
You will get a worksheet for each week.

I’m going to go over how to manifest and give you in depth examples of how to apply that to money, relationships, your purpose, and your health.
I’m going to tell you how to shift your mindset daily to create a manifesting energy.
I am going to answer the questions you have like, ‘What if it’s not working?” & “What does it mean if I get the opposite of what I want?”
You will NOT want to miss this. This WILL be super transformational.
Join now because manifesting requires you to TAKE ACTION on what you want.

And we start immediately. 

What to do now:

Click the "I WANT THIS" button.

Make the payment

And you'll be redirected to the portal where you can create your login details.

I love you all and I cannot wait to manifest with you!

Manifest your soulmate

He went from a toxic marriage to manifesting his soulmate! 

Kyle was in a toxic marriage. He was staying for the potential but didn't know what the right thing to do was.

After working together and realizing what he truly wanted, he got a divorce and found the woman of his dreams. 

He is now in a healthy, happy relationship!

And has also  lost 50 pounds and just competed in his first bodybuilding competition. 

She went from a non-commital relationship to a 
surprise proposal!

Holly was in a non-committal relationship for almost 2 years when she was about to give up and walk away. 

He kept saying they were friends - when clearly they were way past that point. 

She was SO DONE with the games when we started working together. She put her head down and did the work every day and he proposed almost out of nowhere!

Manifested her ex back and is in a fully committed relationship with a new child...

Sandy came to me SO DONE with not being with her soulmate and ready to do the work. She was in a new relationship and wanted a real commitment and a family. 

We started working together and she started manifesting all the things... but her new relationship fell apart. 

She kept doing the work and manifested her ex back into her life. They are now in a committed relationship, have just adopted a new child and are looking to get a house together!

Men kept pulling away and 
she wondered 
what was wrong with her

Sarah was in and out of relationships. 

They would start out great and men kept pulling away. We worked to get clear on what she wanted and what was possible for her. 

She learned how to deeply connect to a man and create an attraction that pulled him in and made him want to commit. 

She is now in a happy, committed relationship with a man that adores her!

Manifested her ex back
and then a proposal
and then a new baby on the way!

Crystal was torn apart with everything that was going on in her life. Her mom just passed. Her dad got very sick and her ex pulled away. 

The first time we spoke, she was in tears! 

"Why is this happening?" 

We worked together. She got grounded in who she was and what she wanted. We did the healing work and... 
He showed up in such a powerful way for her....
He claimed her as his own...
And now they have a baby on the way!

She has learned how to deeply connect with a man in a way that inspired him to fully commit to her!

She wanted her ex back! 
She knew he was her soulmate!

Sarah had just come out of  a relationship and she wanted to manifest him back. 

She felt an undeniable soul connection with this man.

We worked together to heal hear past and she learned how to attract a deep soul connection with a man. She manifested him back and they are making life plans together!

Andrea learned how to be a powerful manifestor when it came to her relationships and she started attracting high-quality men

Andrea was good at manifesting but just not when it came to relationships. She was manifesting everything she DIDN’T want in relationships. 

After working with me, it became clear why she was manifesting what she didn’t want and she learned exactly what needed to shift for her to be able to manifest her soulmate relationship. 

Manifest money

Owner of a multimillion dollar company...

Kyle came to me a little over a year ago, burnt out and miserable in his life. 

On the outside, his life looked perfect but his marriage was failing and his business was failing.

After working together and realizing what he truly wanted, he got a divorce and sold his company, manifesting $300k in the sale of his company. And then he manifested a management position making $150k per year.

He is also in a healthy, happy relationship!

And has lost 50 pounds and just completed his first bodybuilding competition.

Q & A

Q. When are the trainings going to be?
A. The trainings, the Q&A, and the homework will be dropped in your portal on Monday mornings.

Q. Is this right for me given that I want to work on EVERYTHING - my soul alignment, relationship, health, money? 
A. I think that this would actually be a really good fit for anyone who wants to work on all those things or just one of those things. In fact, I think this is a crucial foundational piece you need to make all of those things work. 

Q. What if you don’t have a business but are working for a company where you aren’t getting a salary you deserve?
A. You can apply what I teach to that as well. I have had my clients get promoted, sell their companies and get jobs they love where they are being paid crazy amounts.

Q. I know you talk about finding your soulmate, but will this help me if I am already in a relationship and want to find true love again?
A. Yes. That's why I say 'manifesting your soulmate relationship' because it is for anyone who is not in a relationship and people who are in some sort of relationship. What I am teaching will help you become a match TO YOUR SOULMATE and therefore will work in any situation. What I teach has helped people get out of toxic relationship, manifest their future husbands after being on and off for 14 years, manifest their engagement, and heal their marriages. 

Q. I know you work with entrepreneurs. Will this help me manifest money in a situation where I am working for an employer?
A. Absolutely. This applies if you are working for a company.
This has helped people sell businesses that were burning them out, find new career opportunities, get promoted, and manifest $24k in unexpected bonuses in their job.
If I say something in a video and you are unsure how to apply it to your situation, ask your questions in the group and I'll give you specific help for those things. Once you know and understand these concepts, you will be able to change your entire life in a SAFE way for your subconscious.