This exactly how I manifested healing in my body after 4 years or pain,
Healed myself from over 20 years of trauma, cheating, and neglect,
Manifested my future husband
This is the companion guide to the 30-Day Manifesting Journal. 
Write and watch to manifest your desires even faster! 

I'm going to walk you through exactly what exercises I did and how to make each exercise work for you and your unique situation. 
This is exactly how to meditate and what techniques to use. There are 8 mediation techniques and the techniques come with a Pdf guide and worksheet to walk through each of the exercises.
Heal your past & 
manifest your desires
with the companion video course to your 30-Day Manifesting Journal. 
This will change every area of your life.

And right now, it's only $27 for this mini-course.
If you want to heal your physical pain,
heal from your past trauma, 
manifest your soulmate,
manifest your desires so you can create the life you born to live...
THIS is for you! 

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